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As an archaeology based company we feel fortunate and proud for belonging to one of the richest European regions in pre-historic monuments. We are also thankful for the opportunity of meeting new people from all the corners of the world on a daily basis and sharing with them the natural and cultural landscapes we love. It makes our job extremely rewarding and we never get tired of thanking to all the visitors that continue to contribute to the growth of our dream.   

Our tour is guided by a local archaeologist, specialized in pre-history. We want to contribute to the understanding, promotion and preservation of these ancient sites by using public archaeology - the translation of scientific data into information that is interesting and educative for the broader public.

We intend to offer an insightful perspective, not only of the monuments themselves but also of the surrounding landscape, its people and culture. To provide a more effective and educational experience we normally carry a maximum of six passengers on each tour.

From the hundreds of archaeological sites existent in the Region we have selected these three, once we believe that these are the major and most significant monuments within their respective categories: one standing stone (Menir of Almendres), one megalithic enclosure (Cromelech of Almendres) and one burial mound (Dolmen of Zambujeiro).

Join us in a megalithic tour and discover why we love our job so much.

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